What is 4N?

You're in the right place!
4Networking gives you all the support, networking (and appointments!) that you and your business needs.

For over 12 years, tens of thousands of Passport members have been part of 4N and you can join them.

You get all this:

Relaxed, fun and friendly business networking

Three 10-minute 1-2-1 business appointments at EVERY meeting

The freedom to network locally, regionally and even nationally at 5000+ unstuffy business networking events each year

The ability to raise your profile and become known as the go-to expert in your field via presenting 4Sights at meetings and online.

Before you read on, watch this!

Looks good? It really IS good!
You need to try some meetings

You can try a couple of meetings as a visitor before deciding to become a Passport member. The team at each group (drawn from local business owners) will ensure that you receive a friendly welcome.

  • Each group meets fortnightly: Breakfast 8-10am, Lunch 12noon-2pm, Evenings 6-8pm.
  • There is a cash fee for attendance to cover both meal and venue costs: Breakfast, Lunch and Evening Meetings £15



or call our support team on 0345 123 4444 to find out your nearest groups.

You can start right now

To see how 4N will benefit you and your business, just sign up below as a free online only member.

Your membership options

Online-only membership: This gives you a profile page on this site, access to our busy forum and the choice of attending up to 2 meetings as a visitor

Passport membership: This unlocks the full potential of our joined-up network, giving you unlimited access to ANY meetings and groups + a whole range of exclusive benefits. Choose from 430-day or 230-day membership:

Option 1

Passport membership: 430 days for £365+VAT

As a new member, you can take advantage of our best offer, which includes 65 days free.  That’s 14 months of Passport membership for less than £1 a day. You can take this offer up now, or at you first-ever meeting.

Option 2

Passport Membership: 230 days for £200+VAT

Our 230 days Passport is also available.  It gives you less free days (only 30), but still gives you access to all of the benefits of full passport membership.  You can take this offer up now, or at you first-ever meeting.

Option 3

Passport membership: 100 days for £100+VAT

Our low-cost membership option – access to all of the benefits of full passport membership for just £100+VAT. You can take this offer up now, or at your first-ever meeting.

Option 4

Basic "Online Only" membership: FREE

An “Online Only” membership lets you learn more about us.  You can attend up to two meetings as a Visitor, before choosing to become a full Passport member.  You can also setup a free profile and join in on our busy forum.

Sign up NOW

It takes two minutes to register and then you can login, build your online profile page, say Hello on our busy forum and book that first meeting.