4N Networking Tips and Advice

Get the most from your networking with 4Development

Each video helps you to get the best from:

  • 4N Passporting
  • Each part of a 4N meeting
  • Using the forum
  • Services such as 'Invite a friend' and 4NTV

These videos are part of an expanding series - check back to see more + see all of these and more on 4NTV

These bite-size videos are presented by UK's leading networking expert, Stefan Thomas, author of Business Networking for Dummies.

Introduction to 4Networking:

"Use as many of the bits of the platform as you can."

Meeting Format:

"Turn up when it starts and don't rush off at the end!"

The 40 Seconds Round:

"Think about what people are buying rather than what you are selling."


"Follow up!"


"Take your 4Sight out to meetings you don't regularly attend."


"Get yourself out there!"

The Forum:

"Make sure you're engaging and not just selling."

50% Social:

"Get involved in #4NHour on a Tuesday evening."

Invite a Friend:

"Get involved with Invite a Friend and you need never to pay for your membership again."

Team Members:

"An absolute excuse to phone any other business locally."


"The opportunity to present your 4Sight on 4NTV."

The Business Networking Show:

"if you're serious about networking, get along to the show."

Joining it all up:

"Join up the services and build your profile."