Terms & Conditions

4Networking membership: The boring small-print

Terms and conditions relating to the use of www.4networking.biz (‘the Website’), to Passport membership activity across the 4Networking network (the ‘Networking Service’) and to use of the 4Networking Facebook pages: 4Networking Community and 4Networking HQ.

Passport membership

Paid membership (referred to herein as a Passport) is sold in blocks of days.  One day of membership equals one calendar day.  There is no facility for pausing a Passport.  Passport members can attend as many meetings as they like during the term of their membership.

Memberships are sold to individual persons, not companies.  A member can only own one membership account at a time.

For all types of initial Passport membership, ie 430 days, 400 days, 230 days, 200 days, 100 days or promotional offers, no cancellation or refund is possible once payment has been processed.  

Passport membership gives you unlimited access to every 4Networking meeting across the network. Details of current Passport membership fees are shown at www.4networking.biz/Account/Home/Register. Each meeting also requires a cash fee of £15. Payable on entry, this covers meeting/venue costs, see our website for details.

Only one person (defined as a human being) can be assigned to a membership.  Attendance at a meeting as a Passport member cannot be substituted by another person, whether from the same organisation or not.  All memberships must contain both the first and last name of the member.

Membership days cannot be "sold" to another member.  Permanent transfer of membership days to a person who is not a member is not permitted.  Permanent transfer of Passport membership days to another passport member is not permitted  Permanent transfer of Passport membership to a different person in the same organisation can be carried out, subject to the prevailing administration fee and approval of a member of the 4N Board of Directors.

Memeberships are sold to individual persons, not companies.  A member can only own one memebrship account at a time.

You will be invited to renew your Passport membership prior to its expiry. Renewal options are only available if Passport membership remains continuous. If there is a gap in membership, you will need to rejoin 4Networking and there is a choice of two rejoin options: 365 days for £365+VAT or 200 days for £200+VAT. 4Networking renewal and rejoining options are shown on the website at https://www.4networking.biz/Account/Membership/Upgrade.

Membership payment

The preferred method of payment is debit/credit card.We do not accept American Express. 

We accept BACS transfers by prior agreement only.  For bank transfers, use your full name as payment reference, payable to this account: 4Networking, Barclays Bank a/c no 03063801, sort code 20-85-26.

BACS transfers incur a £20 inc VAT administration fee.

Payment by BACS transfers are not available on the £100 joining / renewal options or the monthly renewal option.

Continuous Membership programme

In order to keep costs to a minimum and to offer an efficient Passport membership renewal service, 4Networking provides a ‘Continuous Membership’ programme. This means that once you have chosen to renew your membership for the first time following your initial membership period, you are then part of the 4Networking Continuous Membership programme.

All membership renewals transacted by debit/credit card become Continuous Membership renewals. Continuous Membership renewal means that you are agreeing to renew your 4Networking Passport membership by debit/credit card and also agreeing that relevant future renewals can be collected automatically from the same card. This means that the following payment schedules are put in place, depending upon the Passport membership type you have subscribed to:

If your membership days have been extended through receiving Invite a Friend days or as a result of team membership, then the renewal collection dates will reflect these changes.

If Continuous Membership renewal payment fails as a result of a debit/credit card no longer being active or a change of card expiry date, 4Networking will contact you to request updated card details. If you know that you have been issued with a new card since your last payment to us, it would be really helpful if you could inform us ahead of us trying to take this next payment – you can do this by calling the  Support Desk on 0345 123 4444.

Membership cancellation

For all types of 4Networking Membership, at least 30 days’ notice is required in writing to cancel your membership. This notice period is the 30 days prior to the expiry date of the current term of your Continuous Membership.  The notice must be given by email to supportdesk@4networking.biz. 4Networking will automatically acknowledge your cancellation email by return email. If you do not receive this email and cannot provide it to us on request, your cancellation will not be valid.

If you wish to cancel membership after the 30 days’ notice period has expired or immediately after a Continuous Membership payment has been taken, you will be charged an administration fee of £44+VAT (£52.80 inc VAT). Any refund due will be paid no later than 10 days after the refund has been requested. The refund will be the membership fee that was paid less the £44+VAT administration fee.

Online membership

Anyone can register to become a free of charge online-only member on the Website. This gives you access to the 4Networking forum and allows you to set up an online profile page. All the online membership facilities continue to be included if you choose to become a Passport member. As an online member you undertake that:

4Networking on Facebook

4Networking has two major presences on Facebook: the 4Networking Community group and 4Networking HQ page. Anyone can apply to be a member of the Community group and membership is not limited to people registered on the 4Networking website. 4Networking reserves the right to decline membership applications to the group without notice or explanation. Posts on the group are not actively moderated or censored, other than the removal of posts that look like a scam. Moderation is left in the hands of the community of group members. In cases of persistent abuse of the group's ethics, members will be blocked. Images submitted for 4N Meeting of the Week may be cropped and re-coloured. All images and captions submitted become eligible for 4N to use in future marketing material online and offline.

Access restriction, suspension, termination, and alteration

4Networking may at any time without notice and for any reason deny you access to the Website or to any aspect of the Networking Service.

You agree that we may delete, edit, lock move or remove any content without notice and for any reason and/or to record the IP address from which any content is posted, uploaded or displayed without notice and for any reason, (including, without limitation) content which is in breach of these terms.

You shall not be entitled to a refund of any amount corresponding to the unexpired portion of your membership if your access to the Website and/or the networking service is restricted, suspended or terminated.

4Networking LTD reserves the right to refuse any membership at any time.

Indemnity and exclusion of liability

Use of the Website and the Networking Service is at your own risk. Both are provided on an "as is" basis. You are solely responsible for how you interact with other users of the Website and the Networking Service.

4Networking disclaims all liability whatsoever whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) as a result of or in connection with the Website and/or the Networking Service for any economic loss, loss of goodwill or reputation, or special or indirect or consequential loss or otherwise and all implied warranties terms and conditions relating to the Website and the Networking Service are hereby excluded. In particular, 4Networking accepts no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained by you as a result, directly or indirectly arising out of:

If 4Networking is found to be liable to you directly or indirectly in relation to the Website or the Networking Service that liability shall be limited to the Passport membership fee. Nothing in these terms shall limit liability for death or personal injury caused by negligence. You agree to indemnify us in full and on demand against any loss, damage, costs or expenses which we suffer or incur directly or indirectly as a result of your use of the Website and the Networking Service.

We may update these terms from time to time at our discretion. Amended terms shall become effective as soon as they are placed on the Website and your continued use of the Website and the Networking Service constitutes acceptance by you of the updated terms.