#4NIS12 is here! Brad's tour of 10 4N meetings in 5 days, covering 1000+ miles!

We've come a loooong way since 2006. It's easy to forget how much the landscape has changed since then. In 2006, there was no Twitter, no iPhone and Facebook had... 12 million users. And just as tech and social media have been transformed in the last 12 years, so 4Networking has changed the face of business networking in the UK.

Now, in 2018, 4N is stronger than ever, and to celebrate, 4N Founder Brad Burton is undertaking his #4NIS12 tour - 1000+ miles and 10 meetings in one week! Brad is 4Sighting at every buzzing meeting - no other network gives you the flexibility to go on tour like that. This is the third time Brad has embarked on a birthday tour - wish him and sidekick Pippa Hodge luck!

Starting on Monday 12 Feb: Telford Breakfast | Sheffield Lunch | Spalding Evening

Tuesday 13 Feb: Gainsborough Breakfast | Sleaford Lunch | Tamworth Evening

Wednesday 14 Feb: Macclesfield Breakfast | Heswall Lunch 

Thursday 15 Feb: Stratford-upon-Avon Breakfast  

Friday 16 Feb (4N's 12th birthday!): Exeter Breakfast