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Graham Todd
Spaghetti Agency

4N membership number: 107668

07920 877777
Location: Warwick


Sarah Shields
Mini Minion Of KSH S...
Left QuoteAttended my first meeting in St Helens today & 'Todd' was 4sighting 'Just Monkeys With Keyboards.' Absolutely brilliant. Got some really useful information that I will definitely be taking going forward & the way it was executed was super creative :)Right Quote
Mike Freddie Gordon
Las Mimosas
Left QuoteThere's only one F'in Todd ! A deserving 4N Hall of Famer for #RELENTLESS promo/support/building/re-building LBSpa .. and doubtless an inspiration to many Teams throughout the network. And even has the time .. and energy .. to start a family in the midst of all that. #RESPECT xxxxRight Quote
Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteI recently spent some time with Todd and learnt so much more about what he and Spaghetti Agency do, there is so much we don't know! Whilst Todd was giving me great advice on my approach to social media and blogging, he also helped me with a niggle I had with my website, awesome as always thank you!Right Quote
Sheena Whyatt
KAPOW! Your Personal...
Left QuoteWhat can I say about The Cowboy? He is simply, a star. After a flippant comment from me at AcceLerate II, he had no reason to want to get to know me better or help my teams. But he did both. 3 4Sights & 1 training session. All EPIC. This guy knows his stuff. And his group is quite good too....Right Quote
Adrian Taffinder
The Mind Expansion A...
Left QuoteTodd is an instantly likeable guy who's enthusiasm for life is infectious. He backs this up with great knowledge and storytelling ability which captivates you, entertains you, and at the same time educates you. If you get a chance to hear him speak take it! You can say thanks later! :)Right Quote
Mark Bletcher
Cool Glass
Left QuoteI had the pleasure of attending a meeting and getting double Todd, he 4Sighted and did an extra hour of Todd after. He has a natural ability to create a buzz and motivate people, Is that ok? Now where's my tenner? Genuinely If you get a chance to go to a Todd meeting go you won't be disappointed.Right Quote
James Chisholm
Meschi Consultants
Left QuoteTodd is awesome, not only does he have the best group in 4N, a master of all things social, but he is also a hugely nice guy who is always willing to help people. I have gained so much from Todd, and especially his online webinars. Cant wait to get on a physical course soon :-) #SocialMediaMasterRight Quote
Emma Roache
Unlocking Your Full ...
Great Yarmouth
Left QuoteI met Todd on social media to start with, then in person at TBNS last year and several times since. Todd is so warm, friendly and generous with his time. I have been going through a difficult time recently and Todd has checked in with me regularly to see if I am OK and offer support, thank you!Right Quote
Damian Holland
SR Computers
Left QuoteGreat to meet Todd for the first time yesterday at Macclesfield after hearing so much about him. What a great guy for travelling up and sharing his wisdom with other team members. Fantastic tips and ideas which I am sure we will all use to continue to drive our groups forwards.Right Quote
Rene Power
Vision B2B Marketing...
Left QuoteI first met Todd when I was chairing a digital conference in Birmingham in 2012/13. Fast forward 3 years and the Padowan is now the Jedi Master of all things social media and networking. I'm indebted for the introduction to 4N and his time and boundless energy in sharing how he does it! #LegendRight Quote
Rachael Chiverton
Rachael Chiverton Ltd
Left QuoteIf you are prepared to learn, then Todd is prepared to teach. He travelled 2.5hours to help grow my networking area by sharing how he has done it with my teammies. Massively grateful, really useful, packed with advice. Thank you for everything Todd. Really appreciate both this and the Saloon we did.Right Quote
Sian Rowsell
Sian Rowsell Coachin...
Left QuoteThank you Todd for taking the time out to share so many useful social media tips including tips for creating a buzz and growing a great group!Right Quote
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