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As a Business Mentor and Lifestyle Coach, I work with people who want to gain financial freedom and a healthy lifestyle.


Specialities: Business Mentor, Building multiple income streams, Time management, Personal development, Financial independence, Own your own business.

I work in partnership with people and help them to develop multiple income streams that are not restricted by international boundaries, age or academic background to create true financial security for life, in a world where this is now only a dream for most. 
I coach, develop and support leaders, business developers and consultants world-wide with an award winning proven business model.


The main goals which I help my business partners to achieve are: 
1. To create the time freedom that will allow them the flexibilty to choose to do what they want, when they want, and not to worry about where their income is coming from if they are not actively working that week/month/year. 
2. To secure a more than adequate permanent level of income for their retirement. 

Are you, or is anyone you know uncertain about their future? 

Are you looking for a simple business with no stock, staff or premises to invest in, where you are coached and mentored every step of the way and where you can achieve a great income and lifestyle?

Are you under the threat of redundancy or are you worried by decreasing pensions and lack of job security? 
Would you like a secure additional income stream which would take away these worries? 

If the answer to any of these is 'yes' then get in touch so we can arrange an informal meeting to discuss business options to suit you.

About Katie Bridge

About Katie Bridge

01903 328032 / 07909 681884


About Katie Bridge

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About Katie Bridge

About Katie Bridge

My name is Katie Bridge and I am the owner of Katie Bridge Lifestyle, providing business opportunities in Sussex and beyond!

15 years ago, I was unexpectantly made redundant. I decided to take a breather whilst I worked out my ‘what next? ‘plan.

I decided to find out more about Forever

‘Forever’ had been suggested to me the year before, and I had said no it was not for me.  However, I was now at a different place in my life and I decided to get started, just to fill a gap.  I was left to move at the pace I wanted and to learn at my own speed, whilst knowing that I always had the support of my team leader behind me.

After six months, I could see the bigger picture: how I could potentially replace my corporate salary, whilst having the flexibility in my working life that I so badly wanted.  This was the business for me, the chance to be my own boss, build my own future and Katie Bridge Lifestyle was launched.

First promotion within two months

By working with, and retailing to, just the people I knew, within two months I had my first promotion and was building my team.

A business that is not restricted by where you live

When my husband was relocated to America by his company, I was able to re-locate my business and take it with me using Forever’s global company status and business training to enable a smooth transition.

Teams built across the globe

The ongoing focus on the UK team remained, whilst other teams were also being built across the world.

A business that replaced my original corporate salary!

On returning to the UK a year later, Katie Bridge Lifestyle continued to thrive, and within a year my company had grown to a size that could now provide for and replace my original corporate salary!

Help to reach your personal goals

The success of the business has been achieved by helping my team to reach their personal goals.  I get a real sense of fulfilment in seeing others achieve the success they are looking for, whether that is a few hundred pounds per month to cover occasional treats, the ability to pay for school fees, or a business that provides a top up to boost a pension.

When I look back to the early days, I would never have imagined that my business would grow to this level and that I could still be in control of my work life balance at all times.

Forever business owners are trained to run their businesses with integrity, empathy and fun and with a tag line of “The best way to predict your future is to create it” Katie Bridge Lifestyle clearly demonstrates that it is possible.

Confidence and motivation

It has been an exciting 12 years and as a person I have grown in self-belief and personal confidence.  I now also lead the Worthing 4Networking meetings.  There is no way that I would have had the confidence to do this before starting my business.  Going forward, my personal motivation will continue to be to help clients achieve their health goals, my team to achieve their business goals and to develop more leaders so that they may also share the success.

If you are looking for business opportunities in Sussex then please call me today on 07909 681884 or alternatively email me on: katie@katiebridgelifestyle.co.uk I look forward to hearing from you.