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Savani Consultancy are a consultancy in Financial Services and Financial Planning. We provide wealth management services for private clients as well as corporate & Emloyee Benefit advice for business owners and their employee benefits

My team and I run a wealth management practice from the London office. As a Senior Consultant, I provide bespoke lifestyle financial planning advice to private clients, businesses and charities. With over 28 years experience in financial services and with advanced qualifications, my goal is to maintain a long-term relationship with my clients and to provide them with a source of trusted advice  as their financial needs evolve over the years.

Most of my clients are very busy Executives, Company Directors and entrepreneurs. They have similar issues in that they have little time to manage their financial affairs effectively and are looking to enhance and preserve their wealth for their families. I also have experts available in the office to help with mortgages, bridging finance and in corporate advice for businesses including auto enrollment and other employee benefits.

To find out more about how I can help you, please contact me.

Mukesh Savani | Senior Consultant | Savani Consultancy 

Suite 55, 41 Millharbour, Canary Wharf, London E14 9NB

Phone: 0800 093 8647 | Mobile : 07948 543 839 

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