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Grant Phillips-Sewell

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A Plymouth based IT Consultancy that provides quality IT training and support services throughout the South West.

Half Day Workshops

Aimed at small businesses who can't be away from their work for great lengths of time, the Half Day workshops offer a hands-on approach to IT training in small groups. As they are small groups, you get the benefit of being able to discuss the topic more personally with the trainer and engage in a more tailored-to-you manner.

Customisable Training

If you have more than 5 people in your organisation who would benefit from our IT training, then it may be more effective to look at our customisable IT training solution. All the options can be tailored: what subjects are covered; where the training takes place; who provides the training equipment; who provides refreshments/lunch, etc. It really is a tick-box exercise - you benefit from getting exactly what you want.

About Grant Phillips-Sewell

Grant Phillips-Sewell

I would describe myself as a thoroughbred geek - if I had a geek badge, I would wear it proudly.