Lisa Cherry (Professional Speaker and Trainer)

Lisa Cherry
Professional Speaker and Trainer

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Working with vulnerable children, whether in an educational setting or through fostering and adoption, you know what a struggle life can be for them. Those that suffer Adverse Childhood Experiences, research has proven time and time again, will face greater challenges because of the things that happened to them beyond their control.

My mission is to provide accessible, scientifically grounded knowledge and information to all those working with and around trauma, resilience and recovery.

Through understanding our attachment stories, then having practical tools to deal with children and young people living with and post trauma, we can recover in an environment that is safe for us all. Essentially we can begin the process of healing and form part of a resilient community at the same time.

Through training, keynote speaking, writing and working with people on a 1-to-1 basis, I can demonstrate how we can work together to create a meaningful and sustained transformation that has the potential to change lives.

I bring nearly 30 years of working in Educational and Social Care settings and a 28-year journey of recovery myself overcoming my own experiences of being in care and all that that brought with it. The personal and professional are brought together to create a holistic approach to working with vulnerability with a fundamental belief that we have the capacity to recover.


About Lisa Cherry


Lisa Cherry is an author and a leading international trainer and consultant, specialising in assisting those in Education, Probation, Social Care and Adoption and Fostering to understand trauma, recovery and resilience for vulnerable children, young people and their families.


Lisa Cherry presents a compelling and thoughtful narrative on how understanding attachment, trauma and recovery, against the backdrop of ACE Education, is critical to supporting healthy developing children and building resilience. The keynote session and the workshop will cover academic knowledge, professional wisdom and personal experience adopting an interactive style and minimal slides. Delegates will leave the session with a deeper understanding of themselves, the children in their care and in how together we can build a more compassionate society.