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Dr Bridget (that's me) is an ex GP and an NLP Master Coach and Trainer. I work with people who are feeling stuck in their business and can't move on. This usually means that there are lots of negative emotions, procrastination and also probably losing business (or not gaining it). 

About Bridget Kirsop

I am an ex GP who worked in the S.Wales valleys for well over 20 years. I have been a Medical Director in a Health Board and was fortun

ate enough to have some coaching which changed my life. I took early retirement and took up the career that had made so much difference to me. I am passionate about making a difference and also about having a purpose and having fun. I'm group leader in Sensational Swansea at the moment and am enjoying growing the group.

My USP is that I have been a GP and I also make an amazing difference very quickly and can banish gremlins within a day, leaving you free to get on with your ONE LIFE.

I run Mastermind groups and Business Success Retreats as well in the grounds of Glan Usk Estate near Crickhowell.

I have a great husband, Rick and a dog called Roxy and a cat called stuffing. My children are 35 and 27 and my grandson is nearly 2.

Give me a call and we can get to know each other better.