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Karen Fabrizi
First Payments Merchant Services Ltd

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First Payments is one of the fastest growing Merchant Serivce providers in the UK providing Chip & Pin, E-commerce, EPOS solutions, and alternative funding methods to thousands of us businesess.

Our objective is to provide the most stable and innovative payment solutions for the SME market whilst minimising the cost for our customers.

On average we save 21% for our Merchants and have saved upto 63% on credit card processing.  And possibly even more as since January 2016 we have reduced our rates further.

With FPMS you will have:

* No hidden charges
* Capped rates and guaranteed contracts

* Price match guarantee
* Market leading prices ( no refund and no cashback fees)
* Second to none customer service (97.9% customer satisfaction, 
 quarterly call around and next day swap out)
* The latest terminals (no refurbs) and replaced every 4 years
* The Best PCDI DSS program in the market (24/7 help desk,
system scans, on-site consultancy service all included)

* Bespoke Epos systems to lease or buy
* Local Business Advisor

Interesting facts are that 71% of UK retail spend is through the use of credit/debit cards, with 61% of consumers state that they spend more if they can use their cards. And did you know that there are 20 million contactless cards currently being used in the UK?

If you would like to see if I can help you save on your processing costs, please feel free to drop me a line or give me a call.


It costs nothing to take a look, but it could cost if you don't.

About Karen Fabrizi

I've been working with First Payment Merchant Services for two and half years now.  I love the company, it's services, it's ethics and support.

My background is hopsitality, but sadly, after a couple of feet and ankle operations, I can no longer walk miles around a restaurant and pub on a daily basis!!

BUT, I still get enthusastic when I enter these types of establishments, whether new start ups, or established businesses, and knowing that i can help reduce their card processing costs.

Having said this, ANY business that takes card, I love helping them reducing their costs, as I hate to see the bank ripping off small businesses when it's hard enough to make profit as it is!

And ANY business who doesn't take cards, I'm sorry, they are missing the point.  It is an added benefit, not an added cost, and research shows that cards account for 71% for UK retail spend.

61% of consumers state that ehy spend more if they can use their cards, 19% of consumers will mot go into a business if it does not take cards

21% of consumers have left the business because they didn't take cards

94% of adults pay regularly with cards and 7% of debit cards are used for spontaneous purchases!!

I cover the south coast, but will go where needed to help a business!!! ( use the phone and interenet!!!)