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About Caroline Andrew-Johnstone

I started out my career at the early age of 16.  Dad was a miner and it was the year of the strike!!!  All hands on deck.

My journey begins as a Junior Secretary, promoted to Office Manager within 2 years and within a further year PA to 3 Directors who were responsible for Sales, Production and Marketing at a Computer Software and Hardware sales company.

I was bored!!

Nothing seemed to challenge me and looking at the 3 guys I worked with it seemed they had everything I wanted, Big House, Flash Car, Designer Suits - none of these was going to be achievable waiting on the three of them hand and foot - I had to do it for myself.

Sales was the way forward.

I went to work for a Computer Supplies, Stationery and Print Broker company and liked it that much I bought the company.  I hit hard times a few years later and had to go back out into the world and get a job working for someone else.  I worked for Printout Supplies in Wakefield for 3 years before I was offered a place on the board where I helped to grow the business from £0.5million turover to in-excess of £3.5million in a few short years (obviously with the help of a fantastic team).   I stayed with Printout for 14 years in total and left the Company in a very lucrative position.  During this time I was constantly striving to better myself and that is when the lure of the BIG CITY got me.

I went to work in London to help develop a Print Broker's on-line print ordering and management system and took the Business Development Director position in East Finchley (North London) working with a team of business development managers throughout the UK.

I travelled to London sometimes three times per week - all this takes its toll on your personal life and it wasn't until I met my husband 4 years ago that I realised Money wasn't everything - it's nice but it seriously can't buy you happiness.

Throughout my working life I have been buying my print from LGP and so when it became time to come home it was an easy decision to make as to where I would go.

I was with LGP for 3.5 years but it was more like 25 years!!!!

I strongly believe that you have to work hard to get what you want and that applies to every part of your life (whether it be work or play).

You cannot put a value on love, family and friendship and I am finally in a place where I have the best of it all.   And PS... I love my job too!!!!