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After a stress-related stroke in December 2013 ended my full-time journalistic career,  I now devote my energies to stroke education; telling people how work-stress is a major factor in strokes, urging people to have something in place financially in case a life-changing event happens to them and raising awareness of how stroke can affect working-age people. I do talks, I write and my blog is at

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I've been a journalist all my working life, having started as a reporter and sub-editor on the Tamworth Herald in 1986. In 1990, I moved to the Sutton Coldfield Observer as sports editor, before joining The Birmingham Post in 1992 as a sub-editor/writer on the sports desk.

 I left The Post at the end of 2009 to set up my own business. Until the end of 2013, I did PR work, wrote for websites and had a contract to edit British Naturism magazine ( Naturism is a great way of life and I'm always keen to hear from people who might like to come along to one of the many naturist events which run throughout the year at both indoor and outdoor venues. Just get in touch with me on here!

In December 2013, I suffered a stroke, brought on work-related stress. I collapsed in the street and almost went under the wheels of a No 7 bus. I spent a month in hospital and am still recovering, both mentally and physically. I now concentrate on doing talks and writing about stroke education and support - not enough people understand the risk factors which can cause strokes and not enough is done to help stroke-survivors and their carers through a traumatic and life-changing experience. Having been there, done it and come out of it on the other side, I have the knowledge and drive to help make sure it doesn't happen to you. Why not check my blog 'The Warrior' on my website at