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Social Influencing is now the marketing currency. It's not about sending out post after post and hoping some people see this and some that. We want everyone to see every post and to do that we build you a tribe. A tribe that love what you do and how you do it, and we do this within 90days. 90 days from when we start you'll have an increase in followers/likes or subscribers, an increase in engagement and an increase in sales. 


Media branding is our principle area for services. We take your existing brand and make it work harder for you in TV and online video advertising or promotion. Key words and visuals in video are a powerful sales tool - Google ranks according to relevant and changing content. It pushes video driven websites over 55% more than static material.

The vast majority of businesses believe that TV Commercials, whilst being hugely desirable, are beyond their marketing budgets. We’ll not only take your brand and produce a commercial that enhances and sells, but we can design to a budget that fits all.


We create the most engaging animation from text videos through to high end commercial characters. Animation has become the ‘new thing’ in marketing and our clients expect the best to compete with rivals. We take a concept and build it bottom up, creating scenery, model characters and voice overs for speaking parts. We can animate the characters to wear your brand colour, to move anyway and every way possible either 2D or 3D. If you need tweaks somewhere down the line we’re happy to review and amend the video. With animation we can make your imagination come to life.

Video Production - The possibilities are endless; we can film either a single camera shoot or a multi camera production with a team of up to 20 on set. We take your idea or brand and build it to the next level of video communication, working with you at all levels. We make sure we've achieved your every goal.
Our films are flexible and can be used for mass marketing commercial campaigns or individual web videos. We also have the ability to analyse view rates and make appropriate changes to the content to match feedback.
Conference Videos; Highlight / Playback Videos - Pre Event Videos -Live Mulit Camera Filming for Live Screens
We work with you to create a full video event service from pre-conference videos either filmed or animated, through to live filming and highlight playback video.
We can provide anything from a single camera to multi cameras, live vision mixing and onsite editing. All our products fit around your current audio visual requirements and help enhance your event. After the event we can provide the highlight video for further promotion along with any presenter clips.
About Chris Edwards


Creative Filming
Starting back in 2006 as a small corporate video company we developed with time; taking on new contracts and eventually moving to Leeds to assist with our continued growth.
Our Past
Our start up was primarily corporate videos for clients such as Qantas and Thomas Cook which took us filming aboard on many occasions. This then progressed as we pushed more and more into high quality and creative films as well as conference videos; thus meaning we could offer a complete package with pre, during and post conference videos, individual films and webcasting.
Our Aim
Our aim over the next several years is to continue to make and supply the most informative and creative videos for our clients. Our expansion hopes is to continue to develop our videos with rolling technology and gain further clients each day. We are seeking new directions such as the introduction of 'team building' and 'think creative' training packages.