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Roger Gibson
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I was at a family party in 1999 and i was moaning about my mobile phone bill (great party) , at the time mobiles were the size of a brick and very expensive, a family friend was at the party and said you want to try one of these Telecom plus (the name was changed to Utility Warehouse later) mobiles as they are cheaper and they have good coverage, so i did and it halfed my bill for the same usage, the next time i saw her i told her how pleased i was with the phone and she asked if i wanted to look at the business side of things?, so i went along to a meeting and joined as i thought it would fit in well with my other business.

18 years later i'm still involved and it still fits in well with my other business although i'm now starting to streamline the other business and build up the utility warehouse more as i quite like the residual income that comes in every month.