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The Learn2 Group (L2G Ltd) exist to provide high quality, accredited and standardised training which, is delivered professionally at prices affordable to organisations throughout Coventry, Warwickshire, Solihull and the Midlands:

  • Learn2 delivers Education and Training (Tutor/Assessor and Internal Quality Assurer (IV!) courses to persons seeking qualifications to teach regulated pogrammes of study;
  • First4Aid deliver HSE content-recommended first aid courses, such as First Aid at Work and Paediatric courses. AED (defibrillator) training is included in all courses;
  • Talk:2 focuses on providing career independent advice and guidance (CIAG) and a mentor and listening service to young persons seeking to positively progress into training, further education or employment.


The Learn2 Education Centre (LEC) is our charity with one objective:

To advance education for the public benefit for disaffected, disengaged and/or vulnerable young people and adults

The LEC specialises in engaging and educating disaffected learners in English, Maths and Employability programmes of study.



About Becki Coombe

Hi - I'm Becki...

... a multi-award winning, Education and Training Guru!


I founded The Learn2 Group in 2007, after teaching (qualified secondary teacher) in both mainstream and schools for pupils with special educational needs.

During my teaching career, I recognised shortfalls in students’ learning and in delivery teams' continued professional development. I felt that a large proportion of subject materials were not specific or tailor designed to the learners’ specific needs, abilities and assessment outcome requirements. I formed Learn2 Group to offer tailored training and resources that could be delivered flexibly in schools and organisations.

In 2012, I founded and opened The LEC (The Learn2 Education Centre), a charity to educate and progress disaffected young people and vulnerable adults within our community.

In addition to holding many business awards, I am a qualified HeadTeacher, Special Needs Co-ordinator and have two Masters degrees in education, so, you would hope that I am pretty clued up in both business and the world of education and training?!!


I am heavily support by my deaf dog (turning 12 in March!), Biscuit!