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The Utility Warehouse (Telecom plus PLC) is a major British Plc valued at over £150 million and operating within a fast expanding consumer driven market worth in excess of £20 billion. This site offers the facts about Telecom plus and an outstanding business opportunity that is creating wealth and a lifetime of residual income for thousands of existing Independent Distributors.

Whether you're seeking flexible home-based work, an additional profit centre for your business, a pension top-up or a complete change of direction that will pay you what you're really worth, Telecom plus may offer the solution.

Benefits include:

  • Substantial income potential by saving others money on services they already use
  • Build your financial security - long-term monthly residual income
  • Payment for results - generous bonuses paid monthly
  • Substantial ongoing promotional bonuses (£250 - £20,000)
  • Very low initial investment and no stock to buy
  • Minimal financial accounting - no cash to handle
  • You in the driving seat - no bosses or employees
  • Flexible time - work part-time or full-time
  • Full training and support - learn from the success of the Company's top performers
  • Benefit from the long term success of Telecom plus - earn equity share options
  • £20 billion market - virtually unlimited growth and income potential
  • 100% credible opportunity - Telecom plus is an ethical, profitable and stock market listed British PLC
  • Benefit from an innovative company car scheme
  • Exciting incentives and rewards - holidays, cars, cash bonuses and more
  • Partner with one of the UK's fastest growing companies
About Juswant Rai

Juswant is the other half of the dynamic duo that runs the Berkshire Property Meet the UKs Leading Property Networking event. Juswant is well know or infamous on the property circuit because of his easy going manner and the shameless way he promotes his property event using every tool available, both online and offline.

Having worked many years in IT and reaching the lofty position of Network Manager at a major educational institution with only 32 years left to get his final salary pension he decided to chuck it all in and become an entrepreneur. It wasn’t an easy transition after 11 ½ years working in one place in a ‘safe job’ it took a lot of coaching and patience on Sylvia’s behalf to prize him away. Her 1st step was to give him ‘Rich Dad – Poor Dad’ to read and then step back and wait. Talk about unleashing a thirst for knowledge, this triggered a reading frenzy that meant he read any book recommended by any successful property entrepreneur during that period and still has a stack of books to read and will always will do.

He first dipped his toes into the world of property networking in Birmingham way back in 2005. He promptly left his first event phoning up Sylvia proclaiming it was all a scam and everyone there was a crook. However after spending some time doing more research on the internet he went back and took the plunge. He was surprised at how open people were and how willing they were to share information about how to do ‘deals’ and how to find the right people to help you get those deals through smoothly. This was the start of his involvement in property investing with Sylva.


long with networking & property came a need to grow and expand his mind to break away from 30+ years of programming that he needed to have a J.O.B to survive. This included attended as many personal development seminars as he could fit including Fire Your Desire, Unleash the Power Within (Tony Robbins) and Breakthrough to Success – Wealth & Power (BTS) with Chris Howard. It was after leaving a BTS back in March 2007 that the idea for the Berkshire Property Meet was formed and the first one was April 2007. It has grown from a little networking group in a pub to the best in the UK. The focus has always been on quality networking, quality speakers and creating quality connections hence all the people that come along each and every month average 250 ish the most was 322! Not bad considering that people in the know told them it wouldn’t work, it wouldn’t last & you won’t get good speakers out in the ‘sticks’

At the time of the launch of the Berkshire Property Meet, Juswant was introduced to something called Facebook. After playing around with it for a short while he soon discovered the hidden gems in there that allowed him to tap into huge number of new people and contacts. Having seen the power of exponential connections that can be formed quickly and easily via this new medium Juswant took action. He quickly saw that this was going to be a major part of his online marketing strategy. He also found a great site called mashable.com that gave him all the top tips he ever needed to make the most of this. As twitter came to the fore he also incorporated that into the marketing strategy. The power of images and video became apparent as a major tool in social proof to show people how well the event was doing and all the people showing up month in month out. Social media needs to be part of every ones strategy both online and offline marketing need to work in harmony and seamlessly.

Juswant has found a new lease of life since moving on from his J.O.B and is working on a number of projects that involve creating income from more than one source. This is just the start of the journey and there will be many twists and turns along the way. He does know however the many great friends and contacts he has made along the way will be there to support him in his endeavours along the way.