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I work under the umbrella of Forever – The Aloe Vera Company.

Forever is a 36 year old Company with a proven track record in natural health care. It is totally cash rich and debt free, which in our present climate, is very reassuring. It operates in over 156 countries worldwide and is underpinned by over $1.6 billion in property assets. 

There are two aspects to my role: Firstly, I coach, mentor and encourage people to start their own home based business. The business opportunity is open to anyone; you don't need any previous experience, as the Company training is second to none. We are holders of the Gold Investor in People Award and are also Champion status, which shows the level of support and training that is available. People usually start on a part time basis, fitting it around the nooks and crannies of their current commitments. They set their own business goals and are able to work at their own pace but with full support from me and my business partners. There is no capital investment or start up costs. All you pay for are the products that you use or recommend; the profit margin can be as much as 68%. As you would expect from any blue chip company, there are many other benefits including profit share, car plan and free international travel.

The 2nd part of my role is to recommend our wonderful products to people. We are the world's largest growers of cultivated Aloe Vera and products from the bee hive. What is special about Aloe? Well for many people it can be life changing. Aloe has 75 known active ingredients from vitamins and minerals to enzymes and amino acids. It is a fantastic tonic and helps to boost your energy levels. It has a natural anti- inflammatory (helps with arthritis and joint problems), helps to boost your immune system (wards off cold and flu) Is great for the digestive system (people with IBS and Chrons often find huge benefits) is fantastic for your skin hair and nails (helps with eczema and psoriasis), to name but a few benefits. I can recommend all our products to friends and family members with confidence because Forever operates a 60 day money back guarantee for anyone who is not entirely happy with any product.

Forever products are fantastic and of a top quality and the Company are wonderfully supportive. If you would like more information please have a look at my web pages   www.thealoeveracompany.net;  www.d2rgroup.co.uk


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