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Bob Shepherd Associates specialises in Business Building and Business Money
We build businesses by ensuring all the component parts of the business fit together and work together. Once everything is firing together we can develop and expand your business sensibly and successfully! 

Presentation of the business to the outside world is vital. You see your branding and promotion from the inside. We have the external perspective and view of how it is all working.

Many businesses struggle with money in their business. If you struggle with the money bits of your business then your business will struggle! If nothing else it could be so much better! Pricing, Invoices, Budgeting, Banks, Loans and profit figures. We will show you how to understand and deal with money and get the best from what you are doing on your own terms. We are specialists in creative entrepreneurs! 

We also have business training experience to offer with a group of specialist associates to call upon.

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Are you a business struggling with the money? Bring us in to get value! 

Are you growing too fast to be comfortable? Bring in our valued expertise!

Are you a business with CLIENTS? - Bring us in to add to your value ! 

Are you a business ready to develop? Bring us in to add to its value!

About Bob Shepherd

I have about 40 years experience to bring to Small Business SMEs in Cardiff, Newport, South Wales and the West of England . I have expertise in Business Finance and investment and banking but these days I am known more for Building Businesses which means looking at the components of a business and making sure the losse ends are tied uop and the disconnects are sorted out. For new businesses all the basic components need to be in place and working foir the business. Business Planning is the link betwen the financial industry I used to be involved with and the way I look at a business now. 

My expertise is in putting a business together to draw out the full potential. Proper Business Planning is about the planning, not filling in a template and to do this properly we need an appreciation of how business works and what can be done. To build up a business means having all the components of a business working together and for the business and importantly, in proportion to its needs! 

All my work comes through networking widely and I own a part of one nework and am Group Leader of 4n in Newport. As well as being a door opening to new clients and for meeting new businesses it also gives me useful insight to networking for promotion of clients' businesses. For all this I am known as "Bob, the business builder" 

Get practical business help from Bob Shepherd Associates and see articles and the web site at  A Profile on Linked In  is availavble and you can find me on twitter under @Bob_Shepherd and on Facebook under Bob Shepherd Associates