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Recording and managing financial data is more complicated than copying receipts into a spreadsheet, us bookkeepers are responsible for a whole set of tasks outside of simple data input.

We also

Calculation of interest and investments...
Managing business repayments
Maintaining a journal of asset depreciation
Setting aside money for corporation tax
Producing invoices
Monitoring purchase orders
Chasing debtors for payment
Producing aged debtors and aged creditors report
Paying in cheques from customers
Paying suppliers and creditors, such as HM Revenue & Customs

So. Do you need a bookkeeper?

If you want to ensure the quality and accuracy of your financial data and also ensures you aren’t tied down with paperwork and record management, freeing up time that could be better spent elsewhere.

About Tracy Hunter

A pink haired, tattoo'd barrel of laughs.  Not what you expect every bookkeeper to be...

I enjoy live music, motorbikes and, well life.  Whats there not to love about it, I meet great people, have a great family and an amazing grandson.

Im 50 next birthday and cant wait, huge party I recon