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Running a business, at some stage, invariably requires you to seek external funding. From private lenders to big banks, there exist many sources for businesses to turn to in such times. The dozens of available choices often mean that confusion prevails, and you end up getting into an agreement that is unfair, expensive and regrettable – on many counts. With Commercial Finance Network, a trusted whole of market broker in the UK, you can effortlessly steer past such scenarios and secure a loan that is built entirely around your requirements.

All Commercial Finance Solutions, Under One Roof

  • Find, apply for and secure the most affordable, convenient and flexible loans across a wide range of requirements. 
  • High Approval Rates, UK-Wide Lenders

Applying for a loan to dozens of lenders is not only counter-productive but also generally futile. By sending your application to Commercial Finance Network, however, you can avail the services of dozens of experienced and responsible lenders across the UK, shortlisted just to suit your requirements.

  • Industry-Leading Metrics

Whether it’s offering some of the lowest interest rates in the market or brokering a flexible repayment plan to match your repayment potential, our services have always led the way when it comes to important loan metrics.

  • More Than Just a Broker

Commercial Finance Network was one of the first brokers in the UK to offer 24-hour decisions for all finance products, coupled with unprecedentedly fast processing. You can rest assured that our team leaves no stone unturned to fast-track your case and works closely with the lender to expedite the disbursement. An impeccable combination of resources, expertise and experience means that Commercial Finance Network, more than just a broker, is a formidable ally to have on your side. Let no project get stalled, no requirement be ignored, and no growth opportunity be missed again. Call Tony Factor today on 07717 580372 to discuss your requirements.

Commercial Finance Network – A Name You Can Count On
✓ Illustrious Track Record
✓ Competitive Interest Rates
✓ Comprehensive Finance Solutions
✓ Fast Decisions, Faster Processing
✓ Real-time Case Updates

About Tony Factor

I'm Tony Factor, late fifties (but lets not talk about that). Married to Philippa, four kids all grown up and away and three grandchildren so far. I live in Essex in a very rural location which is great to escape the chaos of busy towns and cities but I also totally recognise that when it comes to networking you have to be out and about and I've been doing it in one form or another for years.

I've recently stepped back from the day to day running of a business that's now actually doing better when I'm not there!

One of the things that always frustrated me when I was more directly involved in my businesses always related to raising working capital and project finance from a reliable source. We all know that the banks general appetite for risk is much more restrained these days and although there are lots of brokers available it's rare that you can find anyone with the full breadth and knowledge of the various products available. You'd have to go to one company for a business loan, another one for invoice finance and someone else foe development funding. About six months ago I met the guys from Commercial Finance Network . Finally an organisation that not only allows a "pick and mix" approach to a wide variety of financing options but also a CRM with your own log in that allows you to track the process of any application you've made. No more frustration of not knowing what needs to be done or not get replies to enquiries. So cut a long story short I decided to join them as I just love what they do and I only wish this sort of thing was available when I was trying to raise capital.