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I teach the benefits of, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils & sell doTERRA oils and nutritional supplements. The wave of the future is integrative medicine, where allopathic treatments work in conjunction with alternative practices. The oils explored during class have applications for health & wellbeing enabling the body to do what it is engineered to do. doTERRA wellness focuses on education, self awareness and disease prevention.Our body is capable of healing naturally with the right support learn which oils serve and restore the body to wellness, physically emotionally and spiritually.Essential oils identify and treat the root cause of disease and quality of essential oils really matter.

I am looking for customers and pathways into companies and corporations that want to expand and introduce better wellness and wellbeing for their staff, plus work with anyone who wants to learn more about these amazing products and make additional income from selling and teaching the properties of these oils and supplements.

About Theresa Bullock

I have been in the hair and beauty industry for 32 years having run my own salon business employing 20 staff to working for several product companies travelling nationally and internationally.

I am a published author and worked in film & Tv. I qualified with my teacher training degree and have trained more than a thousand professionals over the years.

i have studied the physical, emotional and spiritual properties of ancient plant medicines in the form of doTERRA Essential oils and Supplements. I studied wellness, mindfulness and nutrition. I have discovered combining allopathic and alternative plant medicines lead to resolving many common ailments and hand the decision making and responsibility for personal wellbeing back in the patients hands. 

I am teaching and selling these wonderful Pure Therapeutic Grade esssential Oils, looking for customers who want to learn to use more natural remedies and searching for people who would like to see a business opportunity in doTERRA.