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Born and raised in Africa, came back to England at the age of 9 to go to boarding school. My dad worked for Barclays Bank and spent most of his years in Africa and latterly in Dubai / Abu Dhabi until his retirement at 55. I remember Dudai when there were no big hotels on the beach and the only landmark that helped you navigate was the worldtrade tower.

I've always loved art and design so when I left school I went to college and first did an Art Foundation year followed by a degree in 3D design and photography. I left college with a good degree and went straight into a job that I swore I would never do. Work in an office in London and I hated it! It was for a diamond merchant but I'm not suited for being in an office. After a few months I left and went into sales as everyone said that I was always trying to sell myself. I travelled the home counties working for Nestle. I had various selling roles and when I got married my husband took on an ailing SAAB dealership in Cardiff where I worked Saturday and Sunday. The rest of the week i carried on in my sales role for a jewellery manufacturer. I worked 7 days a week for 2 and a half years. Carried on working until I had my third child because 3 boys under 3 was enough work for me!  We had the SAAB dealerships for 20 years. After this point I didn't know what I wanted to do but I like talking to people and helping them so I bought a tutoring franchise. I did exceptionally well in the first 2 years and then BAM, breast cancer. Everything came to a grinding halt with all the treatment I had to have. I'm absolutely fine now and hope to carry on being so. I tried my best to carry on my tutoring business but it was incredibally difficult as I had some problems with clients and tutors alike. I hadn't been able to maintain my standard of service during cancer treatment and consequently that impacted on my business. All I seemed to do afterwards was firefighting and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get out of it. I decided enough was enough and stopped the biusiness.

I then found a travel franchise and OMG that is right up my street! Love to help people, talk to them and provide exactly what they want.

Being in the travel business is not just about giving peoiple the perfect holiday BUT if things go wrong, you are there for support and the will to try to solve anything. A holiday is not spoilt by an unfoirtunate event but by the lack of will to try and solve it. You can only do your best and people will always appreciate that.