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  • Enterprise Architecture
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  • Business Exit Plan
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Unlike other Enterprise Architects & Consultants, we provide a unique approach to designing and implementing business and information systems. Our approach delivers high-level strategic views for the board, along with incremental and pragmatic implementation. We don’t lock people into long-term contracts. Our job is to keep delivering business value to keep your custom.

Can we help you?

Maybe. Maybe Not.


  • Have a strategic plan for delivering your business enterprise systems
  • Improve business system performance 
  • Create scalable, measurable, systems that reduce manual effort
  • Create an attractive work place for staff, and a better work life balance
  • Prepare for an Exit

If any of the above describe your current situation then imagine a few weeks from now, 
experiencing the positive, permanent breakthroughs you or your stakeholders want.


  • 10 years consulting for Enterprise Architects in over 20 Fortune 200 companies
  • 30 years in the IT industry working across multiple sectors
  • Founder member of a multimillion turnover software business
  • Multiple £1M contracts


  • Entrepreneurs
  • Business Owners
  • C Level Managers
  • Board Members 


  • Small
  • Turnaround
  • High Growth Businesses

I don't suppose you're looking for a fresh perspective to building your enterprise systems are you?

About Rogan Hounsell-Roberts

Rogan Hounsell-Roberts started in the computer industry in 1988 following his graduation with a 2:1 Physics and Computing degree from the University of Kent. He joined a large European System Integrator where he worked in Banking, Retail, Central Government and in Defence, and gained his system analysis and design certification whilst providing consulting with data dictionaries and case tools.

In 1995 Rogan worked across Europe as a consultant for a content management vendor in a diverse range of sectors that included the nuclear industry, heavy manufacturing, aircraft maintenance, defence, retail banking and publishing.

In 2000 Rogan was a co-founder of a software start-up and established the quality systems, customer support systems, product management systems as well as the professional services organisation. During this time, Rogan worked internationally as a Principal Consultant advising fortune 200 enterprises on implementing integration strategies and devising integration delivery operating models.

In 2017 Rogan co-founded KR5 Consulting to empower businesses through effective information technology.

Rogan was born in Surrey and now lives in Berkshire and is married with two teenage children. He loves walking in the mountains in the Lake District and the coastal paths and Exmoor in North Devon. Rogan has been Churchwarden at Holy Trinity Church in Sunningdale for the past three years.