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Here at The Art of Selling we work with businesses to help them better understand sales and achieve their performance goals.

We do this by:


  1. Mentoring

A mentor can guide you in many ways with your journey to success!


Here at The Art of Selling we are here to be involved!

Let’s share your experiences,

Most situations that drive you crazy, most customers that throw everything at you barr the kitchen sink and most scenarios that you may come across can be broken down. Nathan, MD of The Art of Selling Ltd suffered at the beginning of his career, he struggled to overcome basic techniques until it was made clear to him what was going on around him! A nudge in the right direction goes along way!

We can help express a different perspective,

We all have blind spots, especially when it comes to our own performance and execution. We can guide you on how to recognise these blind spots and how to tactically overcome issues that arise.

We can assist in many ways, providing encouragement and advice, to name a few.

We base our efforts on quality, we want the end consumer to be happy, they are what pay wages and effectively make the businesses cogs turn. From initial contact to selling again and again to the same customer or client.

We can Challenge you

Sometimes we need drive, sometimes we need encouragement to just push that tiny bit harder! We are here to assist you, to help you grow!


  1. Outsource Sales

The Flexible Solution to your sales challenges,

Sales as a service.


From finance directors complaining about the cost of making a sale to government statistics repeatedly showing a skill gap in sales. The market place is growing in customer power, more (& stronger) competitors are applying pressure. The market place is volatile, it is growing and it is ever more challenging to obtain valuable customers. On the contrary – Sales strategies and application are not competing in this market movement. This may be from lack of application, lack of confidence, lack of leadership or lack of competence!


The Art of Selling was launched to aid this. To assist in the education of sales, to grow knowledge and application to inevitably create a sales function that not only works, but is the driving force of the business. The core of any business is supply and demand. The Art of Selling is here to assist with the demand with a hands-on approach through to efficient training.



Learn - Training



Our courses & Workshops teach delegates the most successful and proven techniques that give key skills needed to accelerate a career in sales.


We offer an array of courses that are designed to improve our delegates techniques by training in bitesize chunks. Unfortunately, from our experience, a one size fits all course that breaks the process and procedures in one hit does not work. Instead we train in sections. The sections can be taken individually or taken as part of a series. Each section is individually designed to give the maximum knowledge of each discipline. Our courses inform delegates of proven practice and allows the opportunity to practice our concepts and strategies.

We are dedicated to get sales in, we are passionate about good practice and we love giving our knowledge to build a better sales experience for businesses and, ever more importantly, the customers.

About Nathan Eaves

My Name is Nathan, I was born & raised in Birmingham. I (very) fortunately got out from Birmingham in 2007 to study Architecture at Lincoln University. I graduated Architecture knowing that my love for design & buildings was not what I wanted to spend my 50 or so hour work week doing. However it is still a hobby that I still have projects to keep me sane! Talking of hobbies I am a very enthusiastic car lover! My whole goal before I was old enough to drive was to be a driver, to be on four wheels with complete control. Before driving I was skateboarding and well, they are not the same! As I have grown older (not grown up) Skateboarding has taken a perminant backseat! 

I run an Artisan Bakery, Café & Bistro in rural Lincolnshire that I helped set up from a tired old barn back in 2014. I am still currently running this business as it is my other passion - Good, honest food! Yes I am one of those food snobs! (with my head held high!) Why eat crap? My Ethos at Shrub & Grub (the bakery, café & bistro) is "Never Settle For Mediocre!" Food should be fresh and flavourful! There are alot of contenders in the food industry that produce food that does not fall into that category!

I also run T5 Go Limited. My love of cars along with my passion and hunger for wanting better has led me to locate & provide cars or vans at a cost that is not disimilar to a financed new vehicle but only for 6 months! Gone are the days where you are tied in a finance deal for 3 years or maybe even 5 years! Gone are the days where you are paying for a brand new car 2 years later under a contract "coming to an end!" Even better, gone are the days where you need to put a huge deposit down or pay a huge balloon payment at the end!

I Got married in 2014 to my wonderful wife Abi and we have a little one due April 2018! 

If there is anything you would like to know about me, I am very approachable, do not hesitiate to contact me!