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I help small & medium sized businesses do better marketing. I'm particularly obsessed about helping you to sell more to your current customers, although I also help with getting new customers too.

About Neil Whitfield

Having spent the first 10 years of my career developing effective & award winning marketing campaigns for a wide range of national and international brands, I took a career left-turn in 2007 to pursue my passion for property, setting up a Belvoir Lettings franchise in Sunderland.

I grew Belvoir Lettings Sunderland from a cold start into one of the largest and most well respected lettings agencies in Sunderland and alongside this setup and operated a separate independent business sourcing properties for investors.

But once a Marketer, always a Marketer...

In recent years I've come to realise that the combination of my 20 years marketing and small business experience puts me in a uniquely strong position to help other small business owners to grow their businesses through improving their marketing effectiveness.

Through my company Small Business Big Ideas, I help small business owners in a number of ways

⭐️ Marketing Audits
⭐️ Marketing Plans
⭐️ Marketing Strategy
⭐️ Copywriting
⭐️ PPC Advertising Setup & Management
⭐️ Identifying Additional Customer Needs / Opportunities
⭐️ Project / Campaign Management
⭐️ Ongoing Freelance Marketing Management

I'm particularly obsessed with maximising the value of current customers - it's often ignored in favour of getting new customers but the power and profit potential from maximising the opportunities from current customers is truly immense!

I'm based in the Northeast but I'm happy to work with businesses throughout the UK; through 1-2-1 consulting & mentoring, workshops & training, project or campaign management or on an ongoing 'freelance Marketing Manager' basis.