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Helping SME's in the Lake District, Yorkshire Dales and Lancaster move to the next level of business growth, overcome their individual challenges, and achieve their business aspirations.


Steve is a self-confessed business junkie.

"I just enjoy business," he says. "I love doing business, talking to people about business and I read all the business press in my spare time. It's what interests and motivates me".

With a strong commercial background in FMCG across the UK and Europe, Steve is highly experienced in general management, operations, supply chain, logistics and production. His sales and marketing pedigree is second to none, including multi-territory brand development, pricing and competitive intelligence.

Appointed to set up the UK operation of a German wine producer, Steve grew the business to 40m euros turnover within six years. Despite operating in a declining market, he was able to successfully introduce a new product range with a higher margin.

"Part of being a business junkie," he says, "is having my finger on the pulse. I can bring both intelligent, practical ideas and implementation strategy to small and medium sized businesses, operating as a hands on team member rather than a consultant.

"I am all too aware of the expression 'consultants steal your watch and then tell you the time'.

"This couldn't be further from my approach. As part of the Business Doctors network, I work with and alongside the owners of SMEs to help them to develop and grow their business. With me it's definitely not about telling: it's all about doing".

Steve offers a free 60 minute business health check for businesses interested in achieving their next level of growth. He can be contacted on 07774287640 or at