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"Of all the herbs I've ever studied, and I've written thousands of articles on nutrition and disease prevention - Aloe Vera is the most impressive herbs of them all." - Mike Adams, The Health Ranger


Founded in 1978 on little more than inspiration and hard work, Forever Living Products is now a multi-billion dollar, life-changing company that manufactures and sells hundreds of wellness and beauty products all around the world. Drawing on years of experience, innovative new ideas, solid values and unsurpassed quality control, Forever Living Products continues to forge new pathways on its journey towards unimagined success.

Aloe Barbadensis Miller. It’s a mouthful, but it’s a name worth knowing. There are around 400 species of Aloe plants found in arid regions throughout the world. They’re each beneficial in their own way, but there is only one species that has been recognized for millennia for its magically soothing abilities…Aloe is often referred to as nature's best gift due to the proven health benefits derived from the gel found inside the leaf of the plant. Forever Living grow the Aloe with care in the best possible climate and conditions guarantees that you receive the best products available.

By owning the aloe plantations, manufacturing and packaging plants, and storage facilities, Forever can control quality and cost every step of the way—starting with raw materials and ending with the finished products you love. Forever Aloe Vera is grown at plantations in the Dominican Republic and Texas. Forever Aloe is carefully grown and cultivated, ensuring the highest quality plant possible. From plant to product to you!

With Forever Business Owners in more than 150 countries, Forever Living Products offers the once in a lifetime opportunity of living a healthier, wealthier life. The Forever offices span the globe, which gives each individual the opportunity to not only build their business locally, but globally, with complete ease of access from the moment you join the Forever family.

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