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Kevin Williams
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  • Business consultancy and coaching
  • Business Growth
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Pershore Consulting Ltd was established in May 2017 by Dr Kevin Williams as an independent company supplying consultancy to help businesses achieve sustainable business growth by understanding of their markets and processes and supporting any transition management.  It is based in the small market town of Pershore, Worcestershire and within easy commuting distance of The West Midlands, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire, Warwickshire and SE Wales. 

  • It's core business is provision of business advice to directors of small to medium sized businesses, including regular mentoring. The main areas it can support are:
  • Strategic Alignment and Planning
  • Process Design / Process Reengineering 
  • Process Improvement (Lean/Six-Sigma)
  • Transition Management
  • Grant / Loan applications, including identification of possible finance options
  • New legislation advice such as Workplace Pensions and Data Governance (GDPR).

To assist smaller companies with cash-flow, the hours / days of consulting support provided can be tailored from 1-2 days per month to several days per week, depending on the need and urgency. Please see the Company website for more details about services offered and testimonials.

About Kevin Williams

Kevin is an experienced, accredited Business Advisor who has led European wide strategic change projects in a range of business sectors, including Manufacturing and Healthcare. He has many years in-depth experience of complex problem solving which has given him an ability to step back from a project to gain an end-to-end, holistic view to identify system bottlenecks, cash flow problems or  other service related issues. He then puts in place strategies, processes and controls to mitigate such problems. 

Experience includes working for both public and private sector clients in industries as diverse as Manufacturing, Healthcare, IT, Food and Beverage (FMCG), Packaging, Engineering and 3rd Sector. This includes working for global enterprises as well as small to medium sized businesses. Kevin spent many years in the manufacturing industry, before becoming a consultant, mainly involved with process design, process improvement, transition management and product development. Recent work has included some ground breaking innovation within the healthcare market to improve healthcare, particularly for those who require enhanced care, using technology to provide a cost effective service.

Through his association with ibd Business Advice Group, Kevin is also able to assist with applications for Business Start-up Loans, various development grants and R and D tax credits as well as having  over 200 other colleagues he can call on for support outside of his core skills.

His typical client is one that either has a product or service that is not performing as well as expected, one that is showing diminishing profits or has quality issues affecting the service or products being offered. It may be that some of the consultancy costs could be covered by government backed grants. Other services include assisting with grant / loan applications, advising on the impact of new legislation such as Workplace Pensions and Data protection (GDPR).

Specialties: Process Design, Process Improvement / Optimisation, Business Architecture, Transformation Management, Problem Solving.