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Jane Eve Horgan
Virtual Assistant Whiz

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Virtual Assistant Whiz provides a comprehensive support service, delivering the highest standards of assistance for small businesses. With over 23 years of administration experience, we offer a strong work ethic and professional approach, using knowledge gained in areas of administration.

With an experienced team of support, when using a Virtual Assistant, you will save money on a full/part time assistant due to no fixed overheads, holiday, sick or bonus pay. 

Covering a wide responsibility of roles from diary management and presentations to HR Assistance and Corporate events, we aim to fulfill any requirement given. Whether you would wish to have cover for 1 hour a week or 5 hours a day, Virtual Assistant Whiz are on hand to assist.

About Jane Eve Horgan

I have worked in Admininstration for 20+ years in the City and have worked with many different trades: Insurance, Banking, Builders merchants, Beauty, home extensions, media, advertising (above and below the line) and direct marketing. Like everyone else, I started at the bottom (Receptionist) and worked my way up the ladder (Personal Assistant to Global Head of Service Delivery). Having been made redundant now 4 jobs in a row, I am proud to say that I now run my own business and it is the best role I have decided to carry out. I certainly believe that things happen for a reason. 

I have a beautiful daughter and a very supportive partner. Feel blessed to have them in my life.

Hobbies - I love, love, love Theatre. Both performing and watching. 

To sum me up, what you see is what you get. I am bubbly, honest, reliable, a hardworker and believe we get out of each day, what we put in.