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GrowTraffic Ltd. is the SEO agency that's the antidote to other SEO agencies.

Based in Bacup, Lancashire, but working with companies all over the globe, GrowTraffic helps SMEs to grow their online profile in an affordable and sustainable manner. We don't bombard you with jargon or feed you false promises, we simply give you the tools you need to let your customers find your business online. 

If you'd like a fresh approach from a friendly bunch who genuinely want to help your business grow, then get in touch with one of the team today. Email us at info@growtraffic.co.uk or phone us on 07850 556 244. 

About Rachel Weinhold

Hi, I'm Rachel and I'm the MD of GrowTraffic Ltd. From a background as a copywriter I've fallen into the world of SEO and am now passionate about helping SMEs to navigate the world of digital marketing with as little fuss, cost or jargon as possible. I also believe in helping other women in business and do a lot of work around getting girls especially into tech roles and the digital sphere. 

I live on the edge of the East Lancashire moors in a freezing cold stone farmhouse with - in order of preference - my horses, cats, dog, son and husband. I use wine to help me cope and frequently eat my own body weight in crisps.