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Lyn Calver
LC Education & Training Ltd

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We help people win more clients through professional networking creating you a clear strategy to make sure you get the best return on the time and money you spend on networking and training you to be excellent networkers!

We provide various training to help businesses be even better at what they do all based around communication. Some of our courses include: So you want to be a leader? Communcating with Others, Presentation Skills, maths and English and Sending Professional Email. We can train people to write more effective content and can even write it for you if you prefer. 





About Lyn Calver

After over twelve years within education, I decided to set up an education and training company to focus more on working with businesses, which was the side of education I really enjoyed. I love any type of admin and content creation and, of course, really enjoy delivering training. I also love running my free business networking events as I enjoy to bring different businesses together and learn from others.