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Managing cashflow effectively is critical to the survival of any business. All too often, the pressures of the day-to-day challenge of running your business means that the focus on cashflow and credit management can sometimes be overlooked and a fresh perspective may be required.

Businesses often think of Credit Management as being debt collection but getting paid is only the last in a long line of processes and controls a business should undertake when offering credit terms for their goods or services. 

NK Credit Management Consultancy Ltd has the knowledge and experience that can give you a new perspective and new solutions to enhance your cashflow. We can advise you on the development of best practice to increase the profitability of your business whilst maintaining good customer relations.

Utilising our expertise in Credit Management we are confident we can add value to your business. Whether you are experiencing problems with a specific area in your process or you would like us to carry out a more all-encompassing 'end to end' review to help improve cashflow, we can help.

We offer a consultancy service which focuses on individual issues or projects, a retainer advisor service which give you continued consultancy access for a fixed monthly fee, and training to support any recomendations we may make.


About Nicki Kinton

Hello! I'm Nicki Kinton, the NK in NK Credit Consultancy Ltd!

Growing up I wanted to be a teacher, let's face it no one ever grows up wanting to be a Credit Manager but when I decided teaching wasn't for me I opted instead to work with numbers. My choice was heavily influenced by the work experience I'd had working for my Dad in his accountancy practice during every school and university holiday from the age of 16. I Just didn't know in what way until I fell into credit control and in love with it.

On my journey from Junior Credit Controller to Credit Manager I realised that what made me so passionate about credit was the difference it can make to a business, and therefore the difference I could make being a practitioner of credit management. I took my passion and channelled it first into obtaining my professional qualifications with the Chartered Institute of Credit Management (CICM) and then achieving a 1st Class BA (hons) in Credit Management, all whilst working full time. I then decided to share my enthusiasm for credit with a wider audience by becoming a tutor, in my spare time, for a module or two of the professional qualification I had attained.

My dream, thanks to my Dads influence again, was always to share my passion for credit even further afield and so, in May 2017, I finally took the plunge and quit my job to set up on my own.

We can't all be passionate about credit, and frankly it would be a bit weird if we all were, so I want to make my energy, commitment and experience work for others to help strengthen and grow their businesses.

In my spare time I am a classical musician playing in a number of orchestras and other groups. I am Chairperson of Swindon Symphony Orchestra.