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My Goal is to be the UK's Leading Recruitment Assessment service provider helping my clients significantly improve their profits by recruiting new staff more effectively. I use my 26 years working experience within the reruitment Industry where I know all the Tricks and Tips, along side a World Leading, work based employee assessment ai profiling tool. Together we form an alliance that we call Authentic Intelligence. AI and humans working in harmony for greater success and peace of mind.

About Martyn Lax

I am extremely passionate to help individuals, business owners and senior managers identify their compelling purposeful vision, working with them to unlock the right mind-set within their work force, which helps them deliver their product, service and careers, creating sustainable growth, financial freedom, fun and complete life fulfilment. 

I want to help you significantly increase your profits through the successful recruitment of new staff and also through the right development of the existing team members. I can help you save thousands of pounds as a result of bad hires. After all, it’s expensive using recruitment companies, especially when the new recruit only lasts a short while. On average only 45% of new hires last more than 12 months. I can give you access to a World Leading online assessment tool that can increase the retention up to 90%. How much would that save you and how much would that increase your profits?

How do I know this? For the last 25 years I have worked within the Recruitment  industry specialising in both Sales and Engineering starting out as a new business tele canvasser and progressing through the managerial ranks to Operations Director within a multi-branch division of a PLC growing it year on year over an eleven year period.

For the last 14 years I have been running my own recruitment business within the Sales and Engineering sectors and now with my extensive experience in Leadership, personnel development and performance Psychology I want to give back to others and focus my attention on helping you achieve the business success you desire.

 I am a certified Nlp Business Master Practitioner, a specialist in modern Leadership practices and a certified Harrison Talent Assessment Consultant

With my experience of success and of course the inevitable mistakes along the way, I can help you.

I am a down to earth, fun individual, have been married for over 20 years and have two fabulous sons. I love all things sport, play off of a respectable 16 golf handicap and use to be a Goalkeeper and Tennis player. My sporting claim to fame is that I beat the real “Superman” at Tennis.