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Magnetix Wellness is an nternational wellness company, using the power of magnets to manage pain, in a natural way.

Magnets revitalise the human body, keeping it in ‘full swing’ by ensuring circulation to all the body’s main organs is efficient. This helps us feel ‘full of life’. Blood circulation supports almost all natural processes within the human body. These include providing oxygen, nutrients and enzymes. In order to stay fit and healthy, all the vital elements must be transported in all directions, both quickly and in sufficient quantity. This is where the power of magnets comes into play. Magnets activate this metabolism and promote the body’s natural, physical functions.

Wearing Magnetix Wellness jewellery and accessories stimulates the supply of nutrients to all the major organs and gives the body a natural boost. Our circulation is the key to our wellbeing, helping our body to feel in ‘full swing’ naturally.

If you would like to find out more about this briliiant business, whether it's to buy products, distribute or become a member of our growing team, contact me on 07711 691269.

Visit www.magnetixwellnessbunney.com for more information


About Kate Bunney

An innovative, health and well-being consultant, marketing wellness products across the UK.

Look Good, feel great - naturally, with a a magnetic, powerful effect.