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Christine Simms
Strategy C

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I work with clients to help them find clear direction, grow their businesses and create time and money to become more effective and efficient to successfully invest in their own business. Getting involved in the business, I bring a fresh view and provide insight to develop a workable and coherent business strategy, remove tactical problems, and to see the wood for the trees!

Strategy C - Clarity, Collaboration, and Care

About Christine Simms

I have nearly four decades of experience in marketing and business strategy.  A graduate in Environmental Sciences at the University of Warwick and with an MBA from the University of Bradford, I have a solid academic and commercial background.

I worked in scientific research and then academic publishing at the start of my career, moving quickly into marketing and business management and holding a variety of positions in senior management roles. These involved strategic development and leadership in the publishing, building and manufacturing sectors across the private, public and third sectors.

My roles have been both national and global, including a time spent working in Europe and in start-ups, SMEs and large corporations.

In 2016, after a highly successful career in the corporate world, I decided to use this wealth of knowledge and experience to offer strategic business consultancy, establishing ‘Strategy C’ which reflects my approach – Clarity, Collaboration, and Care.