Andrew Sayers (Business Growth, Protection, Funding)

Andrew Sayers
Business Growth, Protection, Funding

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  • Funeral Plans
  • Marketing & Sales
  • Leadership Coaching and Personal Development
  • Leadership Coaching and Consultancy and training
  • Virtual Marketing and Business Services
My Company Information

R8i Ltd is the limited company under which we operate the following brands:

Life & Business Mastery - Helping business owners to develope the business they really want, whilst gaining & retaining life balance.

The Marketing Workshop - Providing 'Done for You' marketing services as well as a range of consultancy services.

Your Funeral, Your Way - With the cost of funerals outstripping inflation and doubling every 10 years, we provide pre-paid funeral plans which enable our clients to have the funeral they really want, pegged at today's prices. This gives the peace of mind of knowing your arrangments have been made to your specific requirements, saving your loved ones the decision making and costs.

About Andrew Sayers

My background is largely in the technology sector, having held senior roles within a number of US based corporates such as GE and IBM. I've worked for myself for most of the past 10+ years as a contract/interim consultant covering sales, marketing and with a heavy bias towards leadership development.

My home is now in Wales where I live with my wife and our 4 smelly dogs. Having had a client base across much of the UK, I have transitioned my business to a more regional focus as well as leveraging technology to enable a range of virtual and online services.

I believe that integrity is everything and if I can't help you, I'll say so. I do business in partnership with my customers, therefore trust is a hugely important factor.

My businesses cover 'done for you' marketing for small businesses, funeral planning and life & business coaching for growth and transformation.

In my spare time I'm a fledgling triathlete, impatient gardener, avid reader and learner.