Nicola Richardson (The People Mentor Business and Management Consultancy)

Nicola Richardson
The People Mentor Business and Management Consultancy

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Location: Boston

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28th Sep 2018
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25th Jul 2016
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  • Business consultancy
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Services EN:RICH provides?

  • Initial free personal 1-2-1 consultation, either face to face, through skype or a phone interview
  • Thorough ‘business: employee’ engagement review
  • In-depth Business report covering actions needed, what the root causes of issues are and Success criteria identified
  • Identification of the Business goals 
  • Management coaching and team development to build the team’s capability and increase performance
  • Emotional Intelligence training (understanding and managing emotions) and leadership mentoring and support
  • Employees: Learning, Development & Training Needs
  • On-line courses and Workshops available as support
  • Monthly Follow-on support
  • After Action review and final report


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