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Sue Hollingshead
Top Utility Solutions Ltd

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  • Utility Warehouse Discount Club
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The Utility Warehouse Discount Club is a British Company operated by Telecom Plus PLC, it has been established since 1996 and is registered on the London Stock Exchange.

It provides over 600,000 customers, (both domestic and small business) across the U.K. with energy, landline, broadband and mobile services.

You may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse before and this is because instead of spending millions of pounds every year on advertising, they pass those savings onto their customers, keeping prices consistently low. Generally, once a customer, always a customer. In a recent Customer Satisfaction survey by the Institute of Customer Sevice, the Utility Warehouse came second overall, pipped to the number one spot by Amazon. This survey involved 228 organisations and was based on over 39,000 customer responses. Only three of our competitors made the top 50! The results speak for themselves and so do our happy customers, which is why we gain most of our new customers through referrals.

The company receive awards each year from 'Which' the U.K's most trusted consumer publication, as well as numerous other business awards.

The benefits of being a customer are:

 The convenience of having everything on one award winning bill.

Consistently low prices.

One direct debit to cover all the services.

One Customer Sevices number.

Being part of an award winning company. 

The personal service offered by the Partner who signs you up.

And not least, Award winning services.


 The other side to the company is being a Partner in the business itself .

As a registered Independant Distributor, I am self employed and work the business part time as a bolt on to my therapies.

I am enjoying the benefits of a building residual income which will continue to grow as I gather more customers and enrol other like minded people into the business.

It is a great thrill to show others the power of this business, the opportunities it offers and how it can really change lives.                                               



About Sue Hollingshead

I spent my childhood growing up on the edge of Dartmoor and in the mountains of Mid Wales.

When I left school I then trained as a primary school teacher and taught for 7 years until 1993 when I stopped to raise my 2 boys who have now grown up, the eldest one Ben works in London for a recruitment firm and the younger one Ollie works in Pershore making furniture.

In 2002 after 4 years of training, I qualified as a McTimoney Chiropractor, I still use the McTimoney technique alongside the use of Hot Stones for massage, practicing as a Spinal Therapist in Newent and Corse.

I married my Husband Simon in 2011 and together we love to travel and spend time outdoors walking, or relaxing in the garden.

As well as this, Simon enjoys playing golf, while I practice yoga regularly and disappear underground once a week exploring the mines and caves in the Forest of Dean.

Simon is a builder and after 28 years in the business has begun to feel the effects of this on his body. I have also noticed that the physical and repetitive nature of my job has caused degenerative changes. So, we needed a plan B!

Thankfully we were introduced to the Utility Warehouse nearly 3 years ago, we are building our team of like minded people who understand the benefits of a Residual Income. 

With consistent effort, we will continue to build this business so that it will provide us with financial security and many lifestyle choices, thereis no limit to what can be achieved.