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Thinking about new artwork for your offices? Thinking of going to 'The Range' or Akea? STOP!

Moving home  - need to refresh your artwork? 

A special anniversary or birthday coming up? 

How about a bespoke piece of art? All at affordable prices.  Christopher Langley produces unique and varied artwork; in watercolour, oils, acrylic or digital mediums, Welsh Artist Christopher Langley will produce the right work for you! Testimonials and latest news here.

Chris says: "What can I do for you? If you have a idea - a favorite view, or a painting of your home, a pet portrait - maybe as a gift or for your business, do get in touch. Find out about my commission service here."   Contact Chris direct on 07792 295502. 


About Chris Langley

Introducing Welsh Artist Christopher Langley.

Unconventional and independent Artist Christopher Langley was born in Pontypridd in 1962. He is now based in Cardiff.

His father, himself an artist, painted in oils. He died when Christopher was just seven years old, but he left a gift; the ability for a young Christopher to absorb colours, movements and sounds, transforming them into expressions and motions onto his sketchbooks.

At school, Christopher achieved an O level grade A in art; the only student to do so in that year. In 1984 he embarked on a career in Television, winning awards for production and editing. He knew at some stage he would focus his attention back on his artwork.

After thirty years of happy employment, Christopher was offered a life changing opportunity to leave his employer and embrace his yearning to create unique artwork.

In later years Christopher traveled around the world; learning T'ai Chi and yoga. He Combined deep spiritual influences into his unique paintings.

Masterpieces of original and exceptional talent, his works won him recognition as twice Lumen International Prize finalist. Christopher is Inspired by artists such as Hockney, Pollock, Warhol, and Picasso.

His paintings reflect his flirtation with abstract expressionism such as Rhossili mewn Glas; (Rhossili in Blue) & Award winning Newport Beach in Pink, evolving through a physical process of layering and revealing.

Christopher produced two national Welsh shows and has exhibited in galleries in Cardiff, London and New York. His work features in private and corporate collections worldwide and his website has achieved a page one Google ranking for 'Welsh Artist'.

A committee member of the South Wales Art Society, Christopher is currently accepting limited private and/or corporate commissions including pet portraits. Orignal works and prints are available at his shop located at

Contact 07792 295502 for further information on commissions, originals, consultancy and promotional services.


Chris is now accepting commissions. "Your art-your way".  

In addition to his art business, Chris has been markeitng a product called Km since 1994. He is the UK Distributor.

Better Health for you  – today.

Are you…

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  • seeking energy from the wrong types foods?  

  • concerned what you put into your system?   

  • putting up with poor skin quality?  

  • interested in an alternative to caffeine?  

  • aware you’d like to be more ‘regular’? 

Do you know…

  • about a natural herbal tonic called Km®?

  • we’ve been supplying happy customers with Km® since 1995?

    Introducing Km® & Kaps.

In a tough urban environment most of us need all the help we can get, particularly as soils do not contain the minerals they once did and vegetables lack vitamins compared to a few decades ago.

That’s where the exclusive herbal tonic matol/Univera Km® comes in. Km is a herbal remedy based on a unique formula of 13 herbs and five minerals. 

Km® fills the vital dietary gaps in the modern diet – as well as being a source of recommended daily minerals, in particular potassium, iron, and iodine. 

Available in a drink or capsules, Km has been changing people’s lives for nearly a century.   

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