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I think you'll find these two minute video speaks for itself. Coo.


About Brad Burton

1973, born, Salford, Dad left, primary school, BMX bikes, roleplaying games, computer games, class clown, no qualifi cations, shop boy, girls, chalet cleaner, nightclubbing, pothead, more girls, games journalist, became a Dad, shot at, moved to Somerset, depressed, dole, more pot, shop manager, blagged CV head of marketing, dole, Director, Oxford sucked, dole, 3 days away from bankruptcy, Dad again, depressed, maisonette above a chippy, married, employed, shove job up arse, self-employed, depression, skint, skint, skint, whinging wife, Dad again, 4Networking, stopped smoking pot, bluffi ng, struggling, speaking, author, still skint, skint, skint, Dad yet again, 5,000+ events a year, uh oh, UK’s #1 motivational business speaker, bought dream Range Rover, still waiting to be found out, sold dream Range Rover, author again, people are buying them, scratches head, stabbed in the back. Twice. Burned out, near divorce, crisis averted, just, snapped up by top publisher for 3rd book, still waiting to be found out, Dad again, a daughter this time – uh oh, Audi driver, BradCamps, Ferrero Rochers, buzzing, blue tick, blue tick, more 5 stars on
Amazon, still UK’s #1 motivational business speaker. Time to quit? Now What? 4th book, no longer skint, no longer depressed, actually quite balanced and happy. Wife still whinging. FFS.

200 word bio. Get in!


As a small business owner Brad has suffered all of the worries, challenges and indignities of launching a business (in massive personal debt and having to deliver pizzas in the early days).

Brad knows what it's like and tells it how it is.

Not as thick as he looks, Brad was told "It'll never work" and has answered his critics in the best possible way - by proving them wrong and spearheading the fastest growing business breakfast network, 4Networking, who run over 5,000 joined up networking events across the UK each year! 

Next stop, all around the world.

In his latest book Now What? You'll discover how to make better decisions, faster but also how he became the UK's #1 Motivational Business Speaker and how you can use Brad's same methods to successfully and positively dominate your niche. 

All of his all "self help/biz books for people who don't like self help/biz books", his unique approach to business, life is also found in his writing, his books are written with a raw honesty, the likes of which most authors would be unwilling to share.

Life. Business. Just Got Easier [2013] 

A book which he believes will help the reader change their Life, Business, Direction, Thinking... All four? Maybe. 

Get Off Your Arse [2009] - is Brad's must-read inspirational story of how he went from his boxroom to the boardroom as MD of 4Networking. With over 200 rave reviews on Amazon, averaging 4.7 out of 5, this was the publishing sensation of the year.

Get Off Your Arse Too [2011] - Brad Burton is back, sharing his unique and raw look at life/business and how everything happens for a reason, even the s**tty stuff... GOYA2, repeated the success of the first book.