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Business has been in my life since leaving school and going to College to do my BTEC Business Studies Course.  After qualifying I had various appointments, private companies, the petro chemical industry, Social Services and finally Banking where I was promoted with the grand title of Senior Business Banking Officer.  I saw many, many businesses and helped gain finance for those that needed and qualified for it.  I did enjoy my work but then after taking maternity leave I found that actually, yes, there IS another life outside the Corporate world. 

It was whilst on my maternity leave that Forever Living Products literally walked into my life after my Brother In Law had been diagnosed with a health issue that the products appeared to help.  After giving them a try for myself and loving the difference it was making to me I started telling my family and friends. With a 60 day Money Back Guarantee I had no hesitation in showing what I had found.  Before long I found that I had built myself a business, with Team Members joining me who were also interested in their health and exploring an alternative way of earning an honest income without the constrictions of traditional business or employment.

That was over 12 years ago, I still love what I do and was able to bring up our son without having to send him off to childcare every day.  Those years will never come back and I can treasure the memories of being with him and not being forced back into my 9 to 5 existence.  Oh yes, and the delight of saying a firm 'No Thank You' to the Area Personel Manager.  I now work with a company that helps my health giving me the flexibility our family needs.