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Luke Harrison
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imago |ɪˈmeɪgəʊ| noun

Entomology the final and fully developed adult stage of an insect, typically winged.

ORIGIN late 18th cent. modern Latin use of Latin imago ‘image’


Are you looking for someone to film your event or talk?

Are you looking to promote your business with an advert or videos where clients can meet your staff?

Does your charity have a message it needs to communicate?

Do you want to make a documentary film?

Whatever your needs, we are ready to bring our creativity to bear on your project to give you a video that contains the perfect form of your idea.

About Luke Harrison

Hi, I'm Luke Harrison and I've been doing video for pretty much my whole life whether that's appearing on film as a baby through to degrees in animation and digital filmmaking.

I've been in business for five years, intially in Oxford and now in Leamington Spa.