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Happy And Healthy Me is an entrepreneurial lifestyle venture promoting a vibrant, happy and healthy work: life balance. A Health & Wellbeing business with Forever allows the freedom; both financially and time-wise; to do things for love, helping others to follow a similar path.

About Rachael Wood

Hi - I'm a former Management Accountant who side stepped out of the corporate world of Retail Finance 4 years ago to pursue a portfolio career which enables me to do things for love; largely involving my passions for dancing, pilates & wakeboarding/surfing; hence Happy And Healthy Me!

My portfolio includes a business in the Health & Wellbeing sector and some freelance consultancy work which involves helping businesses maximise their Research & Development tax credits, both of which I work on a part-time basis; therefore giving me the freedom to do things for love. I teach a dance fitness class, have until recently been a taxi dancer for Ceroc modern jive, hold a committee position as Club Secretary & only lady boat driver for my Waterski & Wakeboard Club, not forgetting being the Area Leader for Maidenhead & Windsor, Twyford & Henley on Thames 4N groups too!   Safe to say I'm a busy bee, though I always have time for new contacts.  So if you're interested in any of the above, & intrigued to find out more, let's connect!