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Alan Atherton
ASA Fire Safety

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I help you to spend more time on running your business, how do I do that?You will as a business owner have to do a fire risk assessment, you think I can do this myself but what happens if you make a mistake? the possibility of a large fine and if someone is hurt a possible prison sentence or perhaps lose your business.
How do make sure that does not happen as I like to think the work I do in keeping work places free from fire risk is something that is important to me so give me a call or email me I am quite happy to talk no obligation, you may also invest in property either HMO or rental I can also help you with making your property fire safe so if you need some help call 07746519588 or email and check out my website

About Alan Atherton

 I founded ASA Fire Safety to help you get your fire safety right.I have 30 years knowledge of fire safety in a wide variety of business sectors including retail, office and industrial, multi-occupancy plus hotels, student accommodation and houses of multi occupancy.

I founded ASA FIre Safety in response to the need that all small businesses have for appropriate, trustworthy and cost effective support.If you are looking for help with your new or existing business when it comes to all aspects of fire safety I can help, so if you are unsure what you need to do and how you will meet current legislation please feel free to get in touch.