Adam is an experienced geocacher, who shares his passion for the outdoors with others. He encourages people like you to try geocaching - a GPS treasure hunt that is loads of fun.

It's a brilliant way to engage with friends and family, creating a sense of adventure and creating memories that last a lifetime.

Adam travels around the UK helping people get involved with what has been claimed to be the fastest growing outdoor activity worldwide. There are now 200,000+ taking part in this activity in the UK, and it can be done worldwide.

He is available to speak at walking festivals, present to schools and youth groups about geocaching, and has been running a printed and digital version of a dedicated geocaching magazine that is in negotiations for being stocked in 200 WH Smiths stores around the UK.

He has helped a range of media companies with content on geocaching, including BBC, ITV news and more recently "The Gadget Show".

A member of the Outdoor Industries Association , he aims to raise the profile of geocaching and is part of the team that runs the Geocaching Association of Great Britain.

Adam can also source geocaching equipment including the containers and also GPS devices.