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Steve Jones

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  • Sales & Profit Growth
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I provide Sales consultancy , this can be in a variety of forms :

 To advise clients on Strategy to pursue new prospects using techniques like Target Account Selling for example.

To provide Sales Advice and guidance to retain existing clients ( maybe covering absence or recruitement )

To Negotiate the way through large scale tenders ( mainly public sector) to avoid the pitfalls and to provide coaching and guidance for existing in house teams

Requirements capture , getting close to the customer organisation to get to grips with what the business really needs ,not just the headline on the tender documents !

Conflict resolution , turn a disagreement into the most profitable deal you ever did !

Closing the Deal , many people fail just here , snatching defeat from the jaws of victory , dont let that be you !

Bid Qualification , could this one just be too big  can we afford to bid ? can we afford to deliver ?

But most of all becoming a trusted advisor , the one place the customer comes for advice , because the trust what you say implicitly !!

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