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  • Mentoring business leaders at all levels
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Mentoring for leaders at all levels

There are times when being able to trust someone with your innermost thoughts and personal goals can be just what you need. Someone who has 'been around' in business for a while, who is independent and who understands what you're talking about. Someone who has a way of not just 'looking after' you but more 'looking with' you - and of course, someone who is not afraid to challenge the things that you hold most sacred and close to your heart in the genuine quest for progress.

Mentoring other mentors and coaches

Training the trainer is a well recognised function but even when accomplished, there is still a need to regularly update and check progress. Practicising mentors and coaches have the same need, despite their undoubted skills and experiences. It is easy to convince yourself that there is no necessity to reflect and being busy is not even a good excuse for inaction! Meeting with individuals or in small groups can be very refreshing and the motivation is as much in offering up your own experiences, as in learning new approaches from others. Often very inspiring for everyone.

Creating internal business mentors

Climbing the promotional ladder can be challenging for many talented middle managers, where competition is keen but skill and know-how may be lacking. The effective solution is to encourage your senior executives to team up and transfer their own experiences, through positive one-to-one working relationships, with high potential candidates, outside their normal working teams and departments. In reaity, mentoring for your best people, by your best people.

Coaching senior business groups

Making more of the people in the Senior Management Team is an art form. They're in key positions because they have exceptional skills, within their chosen disciplines. What doesn't always come so naturally is their ability to transfer those same skills into the strategic forum that is the SMT. The task of the Group Coach is to help them pull together, in driving the business forward. The most effectve way is to encourage them to support each other directly, using the 'power of the team' to discuss and overcome individual and collective blocks to progress.

Catalyst for Change

Running a business successfully is not just achieved by chance. It takes much thought and hard work, especially when the unknown and unexpected conspire to trip you up. This where the skills of the independent Leadership Mentor can be the catalyst for necessary change. Few people can embrace it with enthusiasm but change is inevitable and the only constant, so by concentrating on the key elements of understand, inform, discuss and progress, objectives can more easily be met with minimum disruption and maximum buy-in, to achieve the real win/win result.













About John Eaton

John Eaton is a skilled leader and communicator with a distinctive style in working with business people, encouraging them to embrace change by making more of what they do well. He has enjoyed three decades of success in running his own business, specialising in leadership and developing people's natural abilities.

After a short period in the forces and a fifteen years gaining experience in sales, management and directorships in the service industry, he found his real forte in working with business people at a variety of levels. He now concentrates much of his efforts in supporting directors and senior managers to progress, as a Leadership Mentor with individuals and strategic core teams. 

As an effective leader and enabler, with a strong personal ethic of honesty and integrity, his approach is to create a balanced evaluation of needs and direction, offering over-view and encouragement to business leaders in taking key decisions for the future.

John lives and works from his base in Worcestershire and continues to do business around the country, with occasional assignments in California and the continent of Europe. He has a daughter and son, as well as two grandsons.