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Your local expert giving landlords and property investors "More Income with Less Fuss" Includes: sourcing investment property; purchase negotiation;  refurbishment; tenant-find, and property management services.

About Caroline Kempster

Caroline loves business networking .... and in March 2017 was shortlisted as a finalist in the Woman Who ... Networks awards!

She has a remarkable 26 home moves behind her (in Leamington Spa since 1998), as a tenant, landlord and as an owner-occupier.  Her extensive understanding of the landlord-tenant relationship is combined with over 25 years of marketing experience – giving her a unique set of skills and know-how to determine the perfect tenant for each property.  She has therefore greatly enjoyed becoming a business owner, and building up The Letting People since 2002.

In her spare time, you might find her dog walking around Jephson Gardens, and meeting friends at any dog-friendly (and people-friendly) local venues.  Alternatively, you might catch her singing with a local choir – and usually making harmonies at local music festivals.

In 2017 Caroline discovered the power of mindfulness - and will never look back ....

Favourite saying: You are never too old ... or too young ... to surprise yourself!