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Chris Clarke
tHe GaMeCHnaGeR

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As a Business Owner YOU are YOUR Business.

What you believe is possible, determines how you feel, what you think, where you focus and what action you take, or not.

I'm passionate about showing Business Owners how to unleash their potential, liberate their finances and stay ON TRACK!

If your results are not where you want them to be, it's you. Simples!

It's you that put it there, it's you that keeps you there and it's you that gets you the hell out of there.

Which means you need a hand. Cx

About Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke:

If I were a cocktail I'd be deliciously sweet with a hint of zest and a tang of kick. A unique blend that leaves you wanting more!!


A Thespian turned Corporate Boy. The Sales Environment tried to tame me but couldn't quite manage. Left to become Master of my own destiny and rode the 'Big One' on that feast and famine rollercoaster. Became a Property Investor/Developer and the coolest Landlord in planet Manchester. Let the dance back in. Decided to give myself an overhaul and fell in love with the person I'd always wanted to be, which made it so much easier to become the Entrepreneur of my dreams.

Today I help Folk re-discover themselves, create a life by design, liberate your finances and thoroughly rock out!


If you're lurking in the shadows it's time to LIVE in the SUNSHINE!